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Saturday, 01 December 2012

Twice a year, the first week-end in June and December, Washington County Fair & Expo Center is host to the All-Clad Cookware Sale. 

 For those of us who live in Washington County, we are fortunate to have this sale right in our own backyard.  I've purchased a lot of All-Clad at sales in the past and because the cookware is so fantastic and lasts forever - haven't been back for a number of years. 

Yesterday, Michael and I attended the sale.  We haven't been to a factory seconds sale since they were held at the Meadows, so it was really interesting to see how things have changed. 

I can remember just walking into the sale at the Meadows - no lines outside, no waiting.  It was crowded but you could get to everything and you could make your purchases and get checked out pretty quickly. 

The sale is now much more widely promoted and people are coming from everywhere to purchase slightly irregular All-Clad products at a discount.  We arrived a little before 1:00 p.m. and it took about an hour to weave through a rope line and even get into the building where the sale was being held. All-Clad employees told us the line was much longer earlier in the day when it took people about 3 hours to make their way into the actual sale. 

Waiting in line really wasn't bad - everyone was friendly and the whole atmosphere was fun and festive.  All-Clad employees provided music and entertainment in the form of fun facts about the products and testimonials from people waiting in line.  They gave out free cookbooks.  We met people from Butler and Ohio and even met two girls from Connecticut who drove 9 hours to attend the sale. 

Once inside, I was surprised at the amount of product available.  There were boxes and boxes of pots - all product lines, all sizes, shapes and condition.  I don't know what causes a pot to become a factory sale item but most of the pots that I looked at had very tiny little nicks or blemishes.  Even with a room full of pots, there were some limited supplies, especially in the non-stick product line. 

There is still time today to head over to the Washington Fairgrounds and catch the sale before it ends at 4:00.  If you missed this week-end, mark your calendar for the first weekend of June, 2013.   It is definitely worth the wait as the sale prices are pretty phenomenal.  We saw lots of All-Clad at 70% or more off the retail price.  As we drove home I couldn't help thinking about those girls from Connecticut and their 9 hour drive.  It's great living in Washington County, PA - lower real estate taxes and the All-Clad sale!


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